AKM-2 Automatic Mass Comparator

Class-leading automatic mass comparator



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Effective and Excellent Measurement
The AKM-2 automatic mass comparator enables determining
mass deviations of weights with the minimum possible operator
participation. The comparator allows to compare weights of class
E1 and lower of mass ranging between 500 g and 50 kg. The device is
available in 2–position version for 1 reference weight and 1 test weight.

Maximum Comfort of Operation
To ensure maximum comfort of operation, the mass comparator is
equipped with automatic sliding feeder facilitating loading of
large-mass weights.

Excellent Measurement Repeatability
The AKM-2 automatic mass comparator, due to the elimination of
the human factor, temperature changes and air drafts, guarantees
excellent measurement repeatability when compared to manual mass

Design and Functionality
Specially designed weighing pan enables precise and accurate
comparison of the smallest weights. The knob for changing the
weighing range allows to compare vast range of loads while
maintaining the same resolution. Stable construction of the table with
heavy granite stone and robust rubber shock absorbers minimizes the
influence of vibrations.

Dedicated Software
Specially designed RMCS computer software enables comprehensive
realisation of calibration procedures in laboratory. The system manages
the whole calibration process, starting from the moment the order is
placed, through procedure performance, to the moment of issuing the
calibration certificate.


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