Specially designed checkweigher for weighing wafels filled with cream. A checkweigher is located in technological line after a set filling cream onto wafels. The scale controls thickness of dosed cream layer and through feedback it sets dosed amount on a constant level.


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The checkweighers series DWT/HL/HPC have been designed for control of single
loads (filled wafels) and control of cream dosing set. Software of the checkweigher
allows for control of goods according to internal requirements of the customer or
according to valid regulation of Prepacked Goods Control. The checkweigher has
attestation by National Health Institute. The checkweigher can be optionally
equipped with discriminator set for goods with incorrect mass.
Main application:
-sugar industry

Control of prepacked goods with compatible with PGC
Control of prepacked goods compatible with internal
requirements of the customer;
Collection of data on weighed goods;
Defining access levels for each operator;
Discrimination of goods with incorrect mass;
Extended statistics conducted in real time;
Build-in line efficiency meter;
Reports generated automatically compatible with current
operation mode of the scale;
Export of reports to PDF files;
Possibility of cooperation with peripheral devices in
technologiucal line;
Possibility of remote control of the scale;
Smooth adjustment of scale speed;
Cooperation with computer systems.


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