AVK-1000 Automatic Vacuum Mass Comparator

Vacuum comparison with the highest accuracy



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Effective and Excellent Measurement
Resolution of 10 billion units plus elimination of human error and other
external factors due to the use of vacuum chamber effectively prevent
any potential errors that may occur during the measurement.

Mass Standard Maintenance
The AVK-1000 automatic vacuum mass comparator is intended for
national metrological institutes that transport and maintain the
national reference mass standard of 1 kg.

Vacuum Chamber Measurement
A specially designed vacuum chamber enables carrying out
measurements in a vacuum of 10 -6 mBar capacity or in atmosphere
containing noble gases.

Ambient Conditions Monitoring
The AVK-1000 automatic mass comparator is equipped with a vacuum
gauge and a thermo-hygro-barameter which enables ambient
conditions monitoring to be carried out with very high accuracy
(0.001 hPa for pressure, 0.01% for humidity and 0.001 °C
for temperature).

Excellent Measurement Accuracy
The comparator enables comparison of up to 6 objects of cylinder
or sphere shape, each of them of max 1 kg mass, with repeatability
of 0.3 μg and readability of 0.1 μg. Use of the suspended weighing
pan eliminates the influence of eccentric mass standards loading.


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