Automatic rotational checkweighers is intended to operate in a technological line manufacturing products packed into cylindrically shaped containers, e.g. aerosols, sprays, glass bottles, plastic bottles, etc.


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The rotational scale is intended to control single bottles and packages like aerosol.
accordance with regulation on Control of Prepackaged Goods.
The system is frequently used in the following industrial branches:
· chemical,
· pharmaceutical,
· Distilling indusry,
· Food processing industry.

Rotational scales provide 100 % control of goods transported on the processing line. Goods that do not meet set thresholds are discriminated from the line.
Control of goods in accordance with regulation on Control of Prepackaged Goods,
Records on data on controlled goods,
Defining access level for each user,
Editable access level for scale user,
Discrimination of goods with incorrect mass,
Extended statistics conducted in real time,
Built-in line performance meter,
Reports generated automatically in accordance with the weighing mode,
Export of reports to PDF files,
Saving weighing records to a file,
Cooperation with peripheral devices in a processing line,
Remote start and stop of the scale,
Line congestion detection,
Detection of missing goods,
Detection of a filled tray with waste,
Cooperation with computer software E2R and application Checkweigher SWD,
Automatic adjustment process,
Gate blocking containers feeding,
Adjustable swivel wheel in real time,
„PAUSE” mode for temporary suspending of weighing process,
Button for emptying the scale from containers,
Automatic zeroing during operation,
Drive protection against overloading.



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