DWM Automatic checkweigher

DWM automatic checkweighers provide the highest quality and weighing accuracy.


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They are applied mainly for pharmaceutical and food industry.
Using magnetoelectric modules allows to weigh products quickly,
providing accuracy of 0,01 g and efficiency 500 items/min.
(depending on the product mass and dimensions). The device
features a friendly, intuitive interface and several built-in functions
that enable the statistical data operation and service process.
Checkweighers allow a precise control of packaged products in
accordance with the valid regulations. A modular base
construction allows a flexible configuration of the device.
Complex communication modules fully integrate the scale with
the production line, which makes it possible to operate it
automatically. Connecting the checkweigher to the computer
system allows to monitor production process on-line, save the
weighments, generate the reports considering the weighing
statistics, quantitative statistics and the production line failures
and stoppages.
DWM automatic checkweighers series are designed to control
single goods whose mass does not exceed 7500 g. Scale
software enables setting the parameters according to customers
regulations or according to the current regulation on Control of
Packaged Goods. The flexible limits working mode was designed
for pharmaceutical concerns. DWM automatic scales series are
attested by NIH.

Main applications:
Control of goods in accordance with regulation on Control
of Packaged Goods
The full control of production process
Control over dozing devices
Control over the products packaging precision
Weighing medicines, blister packs, syrups, etc.


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