DWM HPS Checkweigher

Sorting  checkweigher for single loads, intended to be used on a sorting line.
The DWM HPS checkweigher  has been designed to comply with strict requirements for hygiene and for resistance to ambient conditions that are present on manufacturing lines in plants processing fish and poultry.


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The automatic sorting checkweigher has been designed to provide self-acting product sorting
process, wherein the products are separated into several groups varying by weight. Owing to the
system functionality, the products can be separated into 12 different weight groups.
Depending on the used algorithm, the products can be grouped within specified weight or
quantity range (the containers can be filled up to determined weigh value or product quantity).
The checkweigher can be used in small and medium-size companies and on high throughput
production lines of large organizations where simple sorting or separation into groups of vast
range of products is required. The checkweigher can feature additional buffering, storing and
signalling systems.

DWM HPS Features:

High throughput
Precise separation system
Sorting into 12 different weight groups
12″ colour touchscreen
Cooperation with a customized E2R system
Scale operation monitoring with an in-built auto-diagnostics system
Two versions :
– 6-chute sorting system
– 12-chute sorting system


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