Dynamic checkweighers DWT/HL/HPW

Checkweighers series DWT/HL/HPW are advanced weighing instruments which guarantee failure free and stable operation. Series DWT/HL/HPW provide 100 % control of
manufactured goods.


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Control of goods in accordance with regulation on Control of
Packaged Goods,
Control of goods in accordance with customer regulations,
Record of data on controlled goods,
Defining access level for each user,
Discrimination of defective goods by weight,
Extended statistics conducted in real time,
Built-in performance meter line,
Reports generated automatically in accordance with the weighing
mode, Export of reports to PDF files,
Possibility of cooperation with other devices in the processing line,
Ability to remotely start and stop scale,
Adjustable velocity setting,
Cooperation with computer software.

Cooperation with peripheral devices:
Automatic checkweigher DWT/HL/HPW is prepared
to cooperate with peripheral devices, and devices
form processing line. I/O set provides broad
configuration possibilities and full integration of scale
with existing processing line.
Cooperation with dosing device with feedback,
Cooperation with barcode scanner,
Printouts on thermal, ink jet and labeling printers,
Control over conveyors on processing line,
Remote control,
Keeping records from weighing on computer.


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