Dynamic checkweighers DWT/RC/HYF

Automatic checkweighers DWT/RC/HYF series are dedicated to work on production lines of food industry, where high humidity and frequent high-pressure cleaning are the major issues. The construction has been designed to enable fast and easy cleaning


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Standard functions:
Data base of operators and range of products
R232 or 485 interface, USB and Ethernet interfaces
I/O control
Current weighing statistics
Automatic printouts
Cooperation with computer software
Generating reports in a form of a PDF file
Additional functions:
Faulty goods discriminator
Bar code reader
This type of checkweighers can be equipped with standard ink printers and
labeling printers allowing to print the tags of the weighed products
Sounder / Warning tower lights for signaling current weighing range
Cooperation with feeders, mounted to the front side, in a feedback system


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