E2R WEIGHING RECORDS can be applied wherever the
weighing process is a stage of: production, quality control, sales,
purchasing and logistics.
Safe and continuous measurements record on workstations;
Caching of weighings on weighing instruments and sending
them to a computer;
Warehouse management for HTY, WLY, WPY, TMX instruments;
Integration with the production environment and company
administration (external programs for: stockpiling, billing,
accounting, ERP systems);
Direct operation on production halls;
Integration with RADWAG weighing systems.



Designed for operation with scales:

3Y, 4Y, X2 and R series;
Based on indicators models PUE C32, PUE C41, PUE 5.xx, PUE 7.1, PUE HX5.EX, PUE HY10.

Key functions of E2R WEIGHING RECORDS module:

Automatic synchronization of time on the workstations;
Sending databases from a computer to weighing instruments: Products, Customers, Operators, Warehouses,
Tares-Packaging, Labels;
Constant record of weighings obtained from the weighing instruments and saving them to a computer;
Preview of current state of the weighing instrument in the system;
Assigning a product to a production line;
Weighing archiving and deleting;
Data exchange between external systems;
User-friendly and flexible reporting mechanisms:
– Generating data recorded for a particular time interval;
– Data browsing using filtering option;
– Reporting individual weighings on the report;
– Determining name and image of the reports’ headers;
– Creating statistics reports on production process;
– Detailed and summary reports;
Graphs of weighings, scale, platform, operator, customer, batch and lot;
Export of files to the following formats: PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT and other;
Customization of permission levels for particular operators;
Customization of graphic interface layout, reports and graphs;
Multilingual system components;
Operation in Ethernet, Wi-Fi networks.

Basic functions of the workstations:

Quick logging using RFID scanners,
Uncomplicated selection of data (product, lot, etc.) using barcode scanner,
Integration with the automation system (PLC controllers) via e.g. Profibus, inputs/outputs,
Products labelling;
Parts counting;
Integration with external displays;
Weighing process statistics


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