MW-04 Moduli za vaganje

Series of professional modules intended to operate as a component of load-cell scales used in industry.


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Vast Range of Applications
MW-04 module is designed to operate as a component of industrial multiplatform
load-cell scales of automated industrial systems and computer
systems where direct mass readout on an indicator is not required.
It is intended for OEMs and system integrators. Resistive to mechanical
damage, aluminium housing of IP65 predisposes the device to be used in
harsh industrial conditions. The module is a part of silo scale construction,
and of various dosing, packing, control and multiplatform industrial
weighing systems.

Expanded Weighing Workstations
Connecting the module with a weighing indicator of Radwag production
allows to increase the quantity of operated platforms. With this, the scale
functionality is improved which in turn reduces costs regarding the
weighing system.

Measurement Precision
The module together with a platform can form 1-load-cell or multiload-
cell static scales of accuracy up to few tens of thousands of
reading units. Converter’s throughput of up to 80 samples allows to use
the module in rapidly changing dosing processes. The advanced A/D
converters guarantee precise mass measurements.

The module can cooperate with industrial indicators manufactured
by Radwag, PC software, PLC controllers and HMI operation panels.
Vast range of communication interfaces includes RS232 and RS485
serial ports, Ethernet, Profibus DP. The module features implemented,
expanded communication protocols: ASCII, Modbus RTU and TCP.
In addition, it can be equipped with 4 digital inputs and outputs
which may be used to control dispensing process, signalling of
checkweighing thresholds, and control of basic scale functions (taring,

Module MW-04 module is used to perform discrete weighing (no use of
an indicator) on a production lines in places with limited access, where
instant readout of mass is not required (only record of weighings).
It can also be applied in huge pit scales (module installed under the
scale). The MW-04 may be a component of large special purpose scales,
e.g. intended to measure silos weight.


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