PG SPIRO Desktop spiromet



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7” LCD touchscreen all-in-one portable desktop spirometer
New icons design on an intuitive menu to be used friendly
Fast and silent built–in printer with customizable printout format
Durable and waterproof display, easy to clean and resistant to
Elegant and robust carrying case

Spirometry tests
Database up to 10.000 tests or 900 hours of oximetry recording
Pediatric incentive system directly on the screen, helpful to improve
patient compliance during a spirometry test
Possibility to delete one test or patient data

Various using modes: stand alone mode or PC base mode
PG SPIRO PC software provides real time flow/volume and volume/
time curves with PRE/POST bronchodilator comparison on your PC
Free update
Real time test via Bluetooth 2.1 or USB connectivity direct on your pc

Standard configuration
Spirometer with charger, usb cable, miniflowmeter, plastic noseclip,
CD SW download data, paper roll, user manual,
carrying bag, cardboard mouthpiece and reusable turbine

Optional functions and accessories
Available with both DISPOSABLE and REUSABLE turbine flowmeter
Oximeter with adult or pediatric finger probe
Wireless Real Time test on PC via Ethernet/GSM communications


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