PMV 50 mikrovalna vaga sušara

Advanced solution for measurement of samples of high moisture content



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Microwaves in Moisture Content Measurement
Samples humidity measurement performed using an innovative
system, operation of which system is based on microwaves, requires
much less time for drying of weighed materials. This solution is an
excellent choice for measuring products containing significant amount
of moisture, i.e. diary products, meat, fish, syrups, creams, liquid resin.

Ultra-Short Drying Time
The PMV 50 moisture analyzer enables to significantly reduce drying
time. Depending on the type and mass of a sample, the process takes
1 to 10 minutes whereas drying using the traditional halogen moisture
analyzer takes 5 to 40 minutes.

Uniform Heating of the Sample
In contrast to traditional moisture analyzers which heat samples on the
side of the heating element, the PMV 50 moisture analyzer heats the
whole sample’s volume due to the use of ø 90 glass fibre filter.

Temperature Sensor
The PMV 50 microwave moisture analyzer is equipped with a
temperature sensor and enables to monitor device power in order
to prevent exceeding the boiling point during the process. A preset
microwave power is displayed on the indicator throughout the drying

Complex Databases
Measuring processes are supported by complex databases with
numerous data management options. Expanded 32 GB memory
enables saving and storing advanced reports and time and statistical

Verification of Operation
When purchasing the PMV 50 moisture analyzer a sample of sodium
chloride 10 is provided by the manufacturer.


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