PUE C32 Indicator

Warranty of continuous data storing. Battery as an optional power source


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Ergonomics and Comfort of Operation
The indicator is equipped with 5’’ colour display ensuring perfect
readability, and 16-key membrane keypad featuring programmable
function keys. Due to a customized menu, all operator’s individual
needs can be met, which makes the operation even more intuitive and
simple. Two proximity sensors enable touch-free operation due to a fact
that any freely selected indicator function can be assigned to them. The
housing is made of durable ABS plastic.

Battery as an Optional Power Source
Use of the optional battery enables the PUE C32 indicator to operate
even when there is either no or unstable power supply.

Data Management
Information system of PUE C32 indicators is based on ALIBI memory
and the following databases: users, products, weighings, packages,
formulations, customers. The system enables bi-directional exchange of
data via USB port. The indicators enable import and export of databases
which is done using USB flash drives.

ALIBI Memory
ALIBI memory used in indicators guarantees data protection and
enables saving up to 100 000 weighing records. With the ALIBI, safe
storage of data acquired over long period of time is ensured.

Communication Interfaces

Communication interfaces of PUE C32 indicator enable cooperation
with peripherals (printer or computer), and data exchange (via USB
drives). Wireless communication module allows the terminal to
establish communication with wireless networks.


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