WLY Kontrolne vage

Maximum functionality and unlimited possibilities in professional mass measurement processes.
Scale with pre-packaged goods control option (PGC).



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Pre-Packaged Goods Control
The function enables collecting measurements, carrying out prepackaged
goods control and generating reports.Different types of
weighing instruments can be combined into a network.
The control can be started on a balance or via computer software. It is
automatically finished after a respective quantity of packages is verified.
The control can be carried out in accordance with:
• the Regulation by the Central Office of Measures of 3 April 1997, on
the requirements concerning quantity inspection of pre-packaged
goods control, which inspection is to be carried out by means of
random selection of the measurement results and sending those
results to pre-packaged goods control procedure (FOR EUROPEAN
• a company quality control system (internal control).

Touch-Free Operation
Two programmable proximity sensors can be assigned with any
function or application. The given function when assigned is both run
and operated touch-free. This makes your work even more comfortable,
and helps to keep the indicator clean.

Precise Weighing Results in Industrial Conditions
Advanced WLY multifunctional scale enables fast and precise mass
measurements in industrial conditions.

Cooperation with PUE 7.1 Indicator
The scale can be operated via advanced PUE 7.1 indicator controlled
by Windows CE system. The housing is made of durable ABS plastic.


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