WLY Precizne vage

Maximum functionality and unlimited possibilities in professional mass measurement processes



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Reliable Results and High Measurement Precision
Excellent measurement parameters and performance enable applying
WLY balances in laboratories and numerous industry areas.

Multifunctional Software and Unlimited Capabilities
Broad range of functions and applications for weighing and cooperation
with peripheral equipment (barcode scanners, printers, etc.) make WLY
balance a powerful weighing instrument.

Labelling System
Special software and cooperation with labellers enable printing out labels
for currently measured samples and products (e.g. in the packaging

Intuitive Operation and Touch Screen
5.7” colour touch screen enables intuitive operation and easy access to
numerous applications and functions of the weighing instrument.

Numerous Variants of Weighing Pan Dimensions
Numerous variants of weighing pan dimensions enable selecting the best
weighing instrument suiting specific requirements and needs
of a particular user.

Wide Capacity Range for Different Applications
Due to an exceptionally wide range of capacities it is possible to work with
samples of different weight, from few grams to even over one hundred


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