XA 4Y.M.A.I Mikrovage

The latest series of RADWAG microbalances equipped with antistatic ionizer, spacious weighing
chamber and vast range of innovative solutions and functionalities.



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Integrated Antistatic Ionizer
The antistatic ionizer, with which XA 4Y.M.A.I microbalance is equipped,
neutralizes electric charges inside the weighing chamber upon placing
the sample in it.

The Highest Measurement Accuracy
XA 4Y.M.A.I microbalances feature the highest measurements accuracy,
excellent repeatability and are compliant with USP requirements
(Chapter 41 and 1251).

Intuitive Operation and Large Touch Screen
5.7” colour touch screen enables intuitive operation and easy access to
numerous applications and functions of the weighing instrument.

Touch-Free Operation
Two programmable proximity sensors can be assigned with any
function or application. The given function when assigned is both run
and operated touch-free.

Combined Weighing Pan Shields
The new weighing pan shield design reduces disturbances caused
by air drafts, and provides easy access to the weighing pan making
dispensing of the samples comfortable.

Vibrations Sensor
Continuous monitoring of vibrations informs the operator about
vibrations level during operation. The solution improves reliability of
carried out measurements, this is due to elimination of an accidental
error caused by ground vibrations.

New Door Opening Automatics
The innovative weighing chamber system for door opening and
closing guarantees smooth and quiet door movement, and eliminates
vibrations that may disturb the measurement.

Defined Profiles
Four predefined profiles enable automatic balance parameters

Numerous Options of Data Management
Extensive storage capacity allows record of all measurement data
in a form of complex reports and statistical graphs.


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